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Stories Behind the Scarves: When we wrote to NASA

Posted on October 26 2018

Stories Behind the Scarves: When we wrote to NASA
During our research for the Spring Summer 2018 Cosmos collection, we came across the NASA discovery of Trappist-1: a planetary system, located 39 light years away from the Solar system. Around an ultracool star, there are at least seven exoplanets in orbit. The planets have sizes and masses comparable to the Earth and Venus. Because we know the distance of the planets to their star, and the temperature of the star, we can deduce that they receive an amount of light that is similar to many of the planets in the Solar system. During transit, some of the starlight goes through the atmosphere of the planets, getting transformed by the chemical composition of the atmosphere and by its vertical structure. This means that we can remotely study the climates of terrestrial worlds beyond the Earth’s Solar system.
In order to commemorate this discovery, NASA unveiled the retro TRAPPIST-1e exoplanet travel poster in February 2017. The image is part of a series of awesome NASA space travel posters to promote exoplanet science. Fascinated by the graphic of the poster, we were very keen in using the same slogan of the poster: Planet Hop from Trappist-1e - but also concerned of copyrights. So we decided to write to NASA and ask for permission. 
And NASA replied.

They were very kind and allowed us to use the slogan for our Trappist-1e scarf and we are very grateful for it. The result is a luxurious Trappist-1e Scarf: made of a super soft blend of cashmere, wool and silk and a generous dimension of 150x200cm making it idea for (space) travel and every day pampering. It is offered in five different colours: pink, blue, silver, beige and raspberry. 
The Trappist-1e Scarf can be found online and in few exclusive boutique.