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Founded at the end of 2016 by husband and wife, Nicola and Cristina, ÏTTAG is grounded both in Cristina’s family heritage of producing high quality scarves for the luxury world as well as her experience of working in fashion, and Nicola’s unique creative mind.  
Cristina's family business has been in textile since her grandfather decided to buy a hand-working loom to weave children' blankets, at the end of WW2. Without much experience of the textile world - he had been working for the railway line during the war - he hired one lady to work on the loom in a stable in a small town in the north of Italy. Since then, the company has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of scarves in the world.
Craving for a deeper understanding of the fashion world, after working at the family company for several years, Cristina moved to London to work as product merchandiser at Alexander McQueen first and at Anya Hindmarch later. Nicola went with her and after studying product designer, he has been specialising in CGI, videos and virtual reality. The combination of Cristina's fashion experience and Nicola's innovative and unconventional vision brings a unique viewpoint to ÏTTAG scarves.
Discover ÏTTAG’s journeys as they unfold.